Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grandma's Yard and Seattle Fun!

Space Needle Lunch
Grandma's Yard After

Grandma's Yard Before

Spring Break has been filled with lots of fun. Our family went up to Seattle. The first few days were spent in Grandma's yard doing a overhaul of the front area. You can see the before and after pictures (before pics were taken at Christmas time). Anyway, it looked really bad before. Mostly weeds and moss. We had two yards of bark and two yards of dirt delievered (actually a hard task in the city). They were on the sidewalk when we got there. Ryan proceeded to crack the whip and tear out the old lawn, haul dirt, go to Lowes three times, plant plants, haul bark, rake, sweep, wash and we were done in half and day and few hours the next day. We figured this project would take us two and a half days. But, not with the speedy Dempsters. Grandma was very pleased with the results and hopefully it will be little more low maintance for her. Now she wonders what to do with the "parking strip." We told her next year! Sunday we had lunch at Ryan's favorite spot. The Bay Cafe on the fishermans terminal. The breakfasts are huge. We also enjoyed seeing the fishing boats. Very fun! Sunday night we had a very fun dinner with my very pregnant highschool friend and husbands. It was so good to catch up. I am very proud of who she has become and look forward to hearing the stories of mommyhood from her. Monday was a highlight when the Dempster family went into space. The Space Needle that is. Believe it or not Ryan married a Seattle girl and never had even been to the Needle. We had a great time having lunch in the rotating resturant. Very fancy and the kids couldn't figure out if the floor or the wall was moving. We loved the scenery and the food was yummy. After lunch we met Monie and Bapa at the Woodland Park Zoo. It was cold and rainy, but still very fun. We followed it up with coffee at Starbucks of course. Tuesday another Seattle touristy day. Monie met us for a ride on the Monerail, Pikes place (Ryan's first time once again - sorry Ryan!), lunch at Cheescake factory and Westlake mall. The kids enjoyed looking for Penny press machines for their new collection. Dinner was with friends and we stayed the night at the Condo this time. Whew! What an adventure, but a fun Spring Break (and it's not over).

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