Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Dairy Farm

It was back to the dairy farm with Blake and his preschool class. When I say "back" I mean I had been there with Brynn a few years ago and now it was Blake's turn. They had really improved there little tour. This year the tour included feeding a baby calf a large bottle of milk, watching the milking of the cows and a hay ride. Much to our shock one of the mommy cows in the nursery area was about to give birth. They called the kids over to watch the baby cow come out. There are three boys in Blake's class and all of them were very into watching the cow. The girls however were very grossed out by the process and were crying and covering their little eyes. The one thing I was surprised by was how BIG the baby cow is. Wow! It looked very painful for the mom to deliver a large black lab size cow. Crazy . . . and this has brought on lots of questions about how the mom got the baby in there and other things. I guess it is a good life lesson. Anyhow, the Dairy was fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I unfortunately don't have any of the actual birth. Too gross for me!

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