Sunday, May 3, 2009

Awesome 3000!

The much anticipated event for our family "The Awesome 3000" happened on Saturday. Blake has been "training" for this event for the past 6 weeks. This means running - because The Awesome is a race. So he has been running in the house, running with me and the dogs and running everywhere he can. He even had to run around the shoe store to make sure his new running shoes were "fast enough." Brynn hasn't been running as much, but she has P.E. four days a week and they do a lot of it there. Anyway, the big event came with new tee shirts and a trip to Bush Park to meet up with 3000 other kids for the big race. Brynn's event was with the first grade girls probably about 200 of them. We checked her in for the race (which she sort of panicked and looked at me a little worried) and went to the grand stands to watch. They did some warm ups in the football field and then lined up for the shot gun start. I kept worrying about whether or not she would be too hot in her sweatshirt or not. She started the race and then was out of site. After several minutes some of the girls started to return for the track. We anxiously awaited our Brynnie. Then after about half the girls were in, Brynn came a running in carrying her sweatshirt. She was running so hard. She crossed the finish line. Yeah! We were cheering for her and so proud of her. Blake's race in the preschool division was a little different. He just had one lap around the track to do. Apparently they let the parents race with them. He told me that he didn't want me to run with him because I "was too slow." So in a huge pile of people we made our way to the start. Another shot gun and he was off around the track. I ran to the finish line and didn't even see him run or cross it. Therefore no pictures of the little guy. He was too fast, for mom. His comments to me after the race were, "that was too short - I wanna run far like Brynn did, I fell in a bunch of kids and got up and kept running, a guy pulled my arm (don't know what that was about)." Anyway both kids are really proud of their meddles and had a very great morning. We were proud parents and loved every minute of watching our kids.

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  1. Sounds like loads of fun, we'll have to do it together next year :)